Problems downloading TMY files via API


I am trying to use the API to download PSM TMY files from the NSRDB. According to, I should be able to set the year string to 'tmy', but when I do, I get the following error: HTTPError: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request.

The only changes I made to the code found at were to insert my API key and change the year to 'tmy'.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


After talking with a colleague I realized the issue is that only certain attributes are available for TMY calls. SO, starting from the api-instructions example, one needs to set year to 'tmy' AND remove the zenith-angle attribute from the attributes list. Figured I'd post here in case anyone else runs into this issue.

The instruction in the above comment to download tmy - changing year to 'tmy' and remove zenith-angle from attribute list to download was working until a few weeks ago.. However now when requesting a 'tmy' it causes a Gateway Time-out. The HTTP Error is not Bad Request but Gateway Time-out. Anyone else having the same issue?