NSRDB grid coordinates?


I would like to download a collection of NSRDB data files spanning across Oahu. The NSRDB API requires that I specify the latitude and longitude for each point for which I want to retrieve data. The natural way to use this would be to loop through the coordinates of the NSRDB 4-km grid over Oahu and request a data file for each point. However, after a couple of hours of searching I haven't been able to find the coordinates of the NSRDB grid cells. Is there any place where I can find information on the location / coordinates of the NSRDB grid cells?

I tried downloading annual average PSM Global Horizontal Irradiance from the NSRDB Data Viewer, but that only gave a list of values for the cells I selected -- no information on the location of the cells!

Thanks for any help you can give.

Currently the NSRDB Data Viewer does not include this functionality, but we may add this in a future release.

-- NSRDB Team


I have had this same problem (for CA) and had to download all the data points, plot them in arcGIS (or R), use the 'near' tool. You then have at least the closest point and can loop through those points. This is cumbersome and takes some time but is the only way I can think of doing it.

This is hard to believe. The NSRDB map provides no grid coordinates so a user cannot tell what cell they are selecting ? And downloaded data has no header within the data file giving the location of the data ? I am new to using this system and ran into same problem - it is not possible to know what grid cell the cursor is pointing to on the map ! Will someone please tell me this isn't so and how I can obtain data for a location I want ? If this is all true, NREL has effectively denied public access to the data they say they offer.

NSRDB Team :
Please respond to my comment of 10/19/2017 "No grid coordinates provided". Please give instructions how to determine what are the grid coordinates when placing the cursor at a point in the NSRDB Data Viewer. Also, the option to download a CSV file is greyed-out. How do I download a CSV file ? Thanks