NSRDB Data Download Point files producing Error 0x80004005


When the NSRDB site does load and we manually download data for a specific lat/long point ("NSRDB Data Download (Point)") – we're only selecting the 2 data fields we need, i.e., the wind speed and GHI for year 2014 – the downloaded files are sometimes corrupt. When extracting or copying the CSV out of the ZIP file, "Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error" occurs (snapshot below). For reference, I'm putting examples of these files in a shared folder that's accessible via this link: https://wcenergygroup1.egnyte.com/fl/kSkxsWKaBT. This issue is peculiar because its only happening with some, but not all of the point data downloads. Recommended solutions?

Hi Kathleen,

I am receiving this error on 99% of the files I download. Have you found a solution to this problem?

I also first encountered this error yesterday for 3/3 sites. I downloaded a different site successfully however today, so it does not appear that all of the data is corrupted.


I downloaded files today, saved them to my computer, right clicked and selected "extract here" with 7-zip. A warning came up but the file was still able to be extracted, and subsequently opened in excel without issue.

Hope this helps.