HTTP Error 400: Bad Request



My student and I have been using NSRDB weather data for sometime now. For the last week, the code has been failing (without any code change) with an "HTTP ERROR 400: Bad Request." We returned to the sample code provided online ( and this too fails at the following line of code:

# Return just the first 2 lines to get metadata:
info = pd.read_csv(url, nrows=1)

Searching this forum, it appears that others have received similar error messages when the NSRDB database was down for maintenance. We have been getting this error for about a week now. Has the database been down for maintenance this entire time? If so, when should we expect it to be up again? Is there something else wrong with the database? How can we best debug this error?

Thank you very much for your help.


I am trying to access the SAM NREL API services via the python code provided in the following link-
Inspite of typing in the same code as provided in the link above for downloading the data sets, I am receiving the following error-
HTTPError: Bad Request
Kindly let help me rectify the error.
Thanking You,
Dhawal Asthana