how to obtain TMYs from the API


The API shown on the website works to fetch radiation dataset for a location but for a specific year.

# Choose year of data
year = '2010'

but i read on the website that TMYs are also available. What settings should be changed in the url to obtain the TMY rather than just the data for the year? On the API instruction page the use of NSRDB data in SAM is shown, however, since SAM uses TMYs is the NSRDB data fetched by the API above a TMY or do you expect the user to generate TMYs from multiple calls? Is it self-evident that the TMY generation method is that from Sandia ?

Alternatively, can one also set a start-end time interval - for instance, 2005 -2015 and then download all the files for a location for that whole period in order to generate a TMY?


Please check the instruction in this link (NSRDB API Information: on how to get TMY using the API. You can loop to get multiple years.

By the way SAM uses both TMYs and NSRDB time series dataset.

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What is the best source for ETRN/ETR and albedo data when using PSM in a TMY sense? I noticed that these are not options when using the API as follows:
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -H "Cache-Control: no-cache" -o nsrdbtest.csv -d 'names=tmy&interval=60&utc=false&email=MY_EMAIL&attributes=dhi%2Cdni%2Cghi%2Csurface_air_temperature_nwp%2Csurface_pressure_background&wkt=POINT(-106.22 32.9741)' "

Nice post. Very informative source of information. Thanks for sharing.