Help with Downloading NSRDB


I have no problem downloading a point of data but I'd like to download a large region of data with a customized set of qualities. I'm logged into Globus and I see the nrelgds#nrel_nsrdb files. If I select and download all of these will this be the complete NSRDB?

Is the NSRDB.V2_O_2.NE.tar file only for New England?

The NSRDB download got interrupted last night at some mid-point and overwrote about 50 GB of data. This is about the 5th time this has happened. Not sure why you're dealing with Globus as this service is incredibly buggy. Why not put database on a torrent file broken up by state. Why not put a copy on a hard-drive and let us buy it? I've offered to send a blank postage paid hard drive to NREL to get a copy. Do any Universities in the Pacific Northwest or British Columbia have a complete copy? Do any Universities in California have a complete copy? Anybody in the Bay Area or Central or Southern California.