Data Download Limits


I've built a Python script to download PSM data for a large-ish set of lat/lons (~500) for all complete years ('98-'14) via the NSRDB API. Since one can only download one point for one year at a time, I'll need to make a total of 500 * 17 = 8,500 data requests.

I run into "HTTP Error 429" errors, as I understand there are limits on the number of user data requests per day. Can data limits be lifted temporarily or is another way to access the data (e.g. ability to request larger tranches via API)? Thanks.

Daniel, the current services are intended to access 50 pixels an hour and 100 pixels a day, and not intended to access larger than these limits. These limits are mainly because of our current hardware limitation and the funding constraints for data provision that we have from DOE.

I'm a little confused by Daniel asking for points and your response about pixels. Do you mean that only 100 lat/long coordinate points can be accessed in a single day per api key?

I am finding difficulties in importing hourly data in PVSyst software. The simulation software is unable to read the first line of the TMY/Hourly data file. I am using PVSyst version 6.4.3.

It would be very helpful if someone provided the import procedure.

Hello, I am using the API to run about ~1000 simulations on SAM. However, once I got to about 975, I got a too many requests error. So, it is the same as the problem discussed above. It would be nice to know the conversion of pixels into points.

Also, are the limits set in 2016 the same as they are now in 2018?