Corrupt download file??


Anyone else having trouble with the dataviewer zip files that get sent to their emails? When attempting to extract files, I get an error.

Attempting to work with PSM v3 dataset, for various Canadian locations. Selecting points on map, downloading TMY, unselecting 30min intervals.

YES I am having a problem the zip files, they cannot be extracted. Windows just says "unspecified error" but when I used the 7-zip file viewer it said the problem was an incorrect CRC. This happens with both PSMv2 and PSMv3, for one site, as few as one year at a time.

I'm having the exact same problem, 7-zip does give me the data (but throws a CRC error), but I'm not sure whether to trust it or not. Has anyone been able to resolve this yet, or do you think the dataset is probably intact despite the error?

I have had this issue with SEVERAL sites. Seems to be a bug because some locations extract fine. Using 7zip will extract the file with errors but it appears the data is there. then when trying to import to PVsyst it does not work. CAN SOMEONE FROM NREL PLEASE COMMENT ON THE STATUS OF THIS ISSUE? I can't perform my work functions without this, so if you can please help that would be good so I don't get fired.