API request successful, but no data produced (> 1 week later)



I'm querying GHI for around 2,700 points in North America, 2007-2016. For a previous project, I successfully built an API URL constructor, and it worked fine for other projects - the URLs are valid, the API return results are not a 400-level error (return code is 200, IIRC), and I receive a download (Globus) link via e-mail usually within a day. Super!

However, I've tried three times now to query for this project. I've split the points into two groups of around 1,400 each, and spit those up by year, so I have 2 x 10 = 20 total queries. My code spaces the requests by 6 seconds, which worked fine last time.

Thing is, I first ran the code about 10 days ago, and again 5 days ago, and have not received any link via e-mail. I checked documentation for requests-per-minute and number-of-points threshold, and didn't find anything (the WKT of the points are submitted in the payload of the curl POST message, so it shouldn't be a length issue).

I've recently tried again splitting the points into 3rds, but wanted to see if there are some upper limits I'm not aware of on payload, number of points, total queries at a time, or anything else that might be holding it up.

Thanks for all y'all do!